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My name is Geronimo Rubio. On line Marketing is a tough gig...Unless you have the proper tools, the right mind frame and know how to avoid the BS that exist in the World of Affiliate Marketing, MLM & other programs that people pitch everyday. Here you will find the tools and how to get them FREE (for the most part) and the programs that I personally will introduce you to that I feel have potential. But like everything in the world: "Nothing is FREE when it comes to making Money" "Whether it cost a small Fee to get in or No Fee at all, there is still work to be done & everyone knows that Time=Money...Now the tools can be used for FREE but generally they are limited and usually have a AD attached to them advertising the program being used, So FREE in reality doesn't exist...But your Dreams Can Come True with enough hard work, determination & aspirations"
Peace, Love, Prosperity & GOD Speed to all of you!!!

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    Article Writing and List Building…How do they go together?
    By Geronimo Rubio

    Driving an audience to your site is as important as providing great content and products or services on your site. These two things go hand in hand, good content, good products and service = success. And lets not forget Great Customer service. But today we are talking about Articles and Opt-In List.

    But one thing you will always need is Opt-In Marketing as your “Key” tool. An Opt-In list basically is a “Name & Email” list you gather from your consumers or readers thus allowing you to introduce New Products, Special Savings, Questions and Answers and so on. This strategy of Opt-Marketing can virtually cost you nothing but a little bit of time, and not much of that either. As you should know, building this list is extremely important to the success of your business.

    So your Subscriber List or Opt-In List is used to email information about what is going on, coming up or just a message to help them. The emails will contain essential for you to present your promotional items in a manner that will “Capture the Attention” of your subscribers to keep them wanting for more. And one of the best ways to do this is? You guessed it, entertaining, fun and informative “Articles”.

    You may be thinking, hmmm, Sales Pitch, Questions and Answers and Special Savings, How can these be considered and Article. Think about News Letters. Have you ever seen a News Letter that contains information on new products or services but was well written in Article Format? Of course you have, you probably receive them in your email all the time, but you may not read them through as soon as you learn it’s another sales pitch or something like it.

    But many site owners and companies have learned the importance of articles, article formatted emails or article formatted sales pages. As the popularity of information gathering on the net is growing, putting out the right information via articles on your site, sales pages or landing pages or emails will increase the flow of your sales and traffic. With more traffic, the percentage of your sales will grow and so does your business and state of “Financial Freedom” for you and your family.

    I can’ stress enough how important it is to write articles to improve your business. Articles Brand your company, products or services and can brand yourself. This will eventually create a respect for you and everything you promote.

    Boosting your sites reputation can be accomplished easily with articles. If they are filled with helpful information to your readers or well researched information on any subject, you can acclaim “Expert” status and thus gain popularity amongst readers and consumers. Research is the “Key” here. Do your research…I recommend this highly.

    Also keep your Articles in close relation with your websites genre. In other words, if your website is about Auto parts, write articles about new and improved parts that could help them save gas, make their vehicle safer or something along these lines. Not the latest brand of Ice Cream that hit the shelves at the local grocery store..

    So, in conclusion., Well written Articles with fun, entertaining or helpful, informative information can build your Opt-In List with great success thus building your sites reputation, your reputation and in short increasing your sales, profits and success of your business creating “Financial Freedom” for you and your family for years to come.

    Again, Thank you for reading and I wish you all the best in all your endeavors. Peace and GOD speed.

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