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My name is Geronimo Rubio. On line Marketing is a tough gig...Unless you have the proper tools, the right mind frame and know how to avoid the BS that exist in the World of Affiliate Marketing, MLM & other programs that people pitch everyday. Here you will find the tools and how to get them FREE (for the most part) and the programs that I personally will introduce you to that I feel have potential. But like everything in the world: "Nothing is FREE when it comes to making Money" "Whether it cost a small Fee to get in or No Fee at all, there is still work to be done & everyone knows that Time=Money...Now the tools can be used for FREE but generally they are limited and usually have a AD attached to them advertising the program being used, So FREE in reality doesn't exist...But your Dreams Can Come True with enough hard work, determination & aspirations"
Peace, Love, Prosperity & GOD Speed to all of you!!!

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    Writing a Article. How about Getting people to read it?
    By Geronimo Rubio

    I know, writing a article is one thing. Getting people to read it is a whole other ball game. Seems like a lot of work for nothing to some and to some people, reading articles is kind of boring. Articles are for reading that’s why we write them and getting them read is the task at hand.So we write are articles for whatever reason you may have, sales pitch, branding yourself, there are many reasons. Writing a good article isn‘t that hard, where getting people to read it is a little more difficult. There are rules, guidelines so to speak to write good articles, with great content and attractive looking to the reader.

    Here I will discuss 6 ways to improve the reading of your articles and guidelines that I have learned over the years for the best way to get them read and published on other peoples website’s in a lot of cases.

    Rules and guidelines I use:

    1) Short but detailed paragraphs. When paragraphs get to long, the reader can become bored fast and the words even become scrambled in their mind. Articles that become confusing may seem like a lot of work to the reader to read. So the reader will begin to skip paragraphs (Which may contain important information to your article or sales pitch) and they may leave the article all together before they finish reading it.

    2) Use Numbers or Bullets. With bullets or numbers your letting the readers know that this is important or necessary information and they know to pay close attention to it. It also makes your article look more professional and you can explain these important facts in short sentences rather than a long paragraph. It also is easier for your reader to go back to the important facts without having to read through a lot of paragraphs.

    3) Sub Headings or Titles for points or subject change of your article. Breaking apart each point or subject within your article makes it easier for your readers to follow. It makes it easier for them to highlight certain areas of interest thus never loosing your readers attention, and they may read over your article several times and use these parts to help or teach others.

    4) A Good and Interesting Header. The clitche “Never judge a book by it‘s cover“ is true, but it does help to bring people to open the book to read more. A good strong Title can entice your reader to look more into your article. People are attracted by interesting titles bringing them to read at least the first paragraph of your article, which in fact is my next tip.

    But titles are very important do make sure it would draw you to read into the article a couple of paragraphs as well.

    5)Your First paragraph and it’s importance. Now that your title has got them to read your article, it’s time to bring them in more. This is where your first Paragraph is important. If your reader becomes bored or confused within this first paragraph, all your hard work is lost. Use captivating content within this first paragraph, usually when a reader reads beyond the first paragraph, they will continue on through to find out what is next.

    6) Keeping them Interested or Excited all the way through. There are many ways to do this. Well Written Content is the first. Try not to stray away from the focus of the main subject or title of the article. Your reader is reading because they were interested in the title and first paragraph of your article. So flowing “Off Subject” can lose your reader. It is ok (In some cases) to flow “Off Subject” for a second here and there as long as you return to the main subject quickly and explain why you did go “Off Subject”.

    Graphics, Pictures and/or Graphs. Using these mediums to explain or present a visual for your readers can keep them reading all the way through as well. Good Graphics, Pictures and Graphs allow the reader to see what your talking about without having to do to much writing or explaining thus boring your reader again.

    It also breaks up the reading of a article (Which can be boring) and allows the reader to relax from reading for a brief moment.

    7) Bolding certain keywords and Typos. Highlighting or Bolding certain keywords also makes it easy for readers to find important “Key Elements” of your article. If you help your readers they will feel more inclined to return to read more of your articles in the future. Also, making sure there are no typos in your article gains the respect of your reader, so be sure to proof read your article before submission and spell check often and at the end as well.

    So there you have it. A few good tips to get your articles read more. Thank you for reading and good luck in all your endeavors. Peace and GOD speed.

    Article Writing and List Building…How do they go together?
    By Geronimo Rubio

    Driving an audience to your site is as important as providing great content and products or services on your site. These two things go hand in hand, good content, good products and service = success. And lets not forget Great Customer service. But today we are talking about Articles and Opt-In List.

    But one thing you will always need is Opt-In Marketing as your “Key” tool. An Opt-In list basically is a “Name & Email” list you gather from your consumers or readers thus allowing you to introduce New Products, Special Savings, Questions and Answers and so on. This strategy of Opt-Marketing can virtually cost you nothing but a little bit of time, and not much of that either. As you should know, building this list is extremely important to the success of your business.

    So your Subscriber List or Opt-In List is used to email information about what is going on, coming up or just a message to help them. The emails will contain essential for you to present your promotional items in a manner that will “Capture the Attention” of your subscribers to keep them wanting for more. And one of the best ways to do this is? You guessed it, entertaining, fun and informative “Articles”.

    You may be thinking, hmmm, Sales Pitch, Questions and Answers and Special Savings, How can these be considered and Article. Think about News Letters. Have you ever seen a News Letter that contains information on new products or services but was well written in Article Format? Of course you have, you probably receive them in your email all the time, but you may not read them through as soon as you learn it’s another sales pitch or something like it.

    But many site owners and companies have learned the importance of articles, article formatted emails or article formatted sales pages. As the popularity of information gathering on the net is growing, putting out the right information via articles on your site, sales pages or landing pages or emails will increase the flow of your sales and traffic. With more traffic, the percentage of your sales will grow and so does your business and state of “Financial Freedom” for you and your family.

    I can’ stress enough how important it is to write articles to improve your business. Articles Brand your company, products or services and can brand yourself. This will eventually create a respect for you and everything you promote.

    Boosting your sites reputation can be accomplished easily with articles. If they are filled with helpful information to your readers or well researched information on any subject, you can acclaim “Expert” status and thus gain popularity amongst readers and consumers. Research is the “Key” here. Do your research…I recommend this highly.

    Also keep your Articles in close relation with your websites genre. In other words, if your website is about Auto parts, write articles about new and improved parts that could help them save gas, make their vehicle safer or something along these lines. Not the latest brand of Ice Cream that hit the shelves at the local grocery store..

    So, in conclusion., Well written Articles with fun, entertaining or helpful, informative information can build your Opt-In List with great success thus building your sites reputation, your reputation and in short increasing your sales, profits and success of your business creating “Financial Freedom” for you and your family for years to come.

    Again, Thank you for reading and I wish you all the best in all your endeavors. Peace and GOD speed.

    Free Web Hosting

    Wolf Pack Marketing

    Hey everyone,
    I have been doing this Affiliate Marketing Thing for awhile now and I have found some pretty good programs that have a decent conversion rate. Now it still depends on your form of Marketing Techniques. But I have written quite a few articles about how I market and strategies I use myself. Although I have listed no specific technique that I use for a specific product or promotional item. Just read over the Articles I have written and I am sure you will figure it out because I know that my readers and subscribers are very intelligent. But it wouldn’t be wise of me to give away all my secrets, now would it…lol.

    So today I am going to let you know about a few of them and hopefully they will help you as well. I will also post links to the articles that I have written describing some of the techniques I use.

    So here is the list of programs I recommend and after the links to the Articles:

    Main Program I Promote
    Team Wolf Pack - http://geronimorubio.com/wolf-pack - Global NPN

    I am a Mentor/Success Coach in this program. I do webinars with groups and personal one on one webinars for a more focused training session. We are a success Team - "Team Wolf Pack" of "Wolf Pack Marketing" - who's goals consist of making sure that each member of the team succeeds in Life and Business. Everyone on the team has a variety of talents that they bring to the webinars each and every week.

    We have a Mentor who brought this team together. He has over 10 years in the business. He is the creator of Team Wolf Pack and the owner of Wolf Pack Marketing. He is a very generous person sharing all of his knowledge and experience with each of us each and every week.

    There has NEVER been a program like this with such an amazing earning potential!
    In fact with just 2 referrals, your MONTHLY income could be $5,862.00!
    Every month!
    How can you pass that up when it’ll only cost you $10 to join? You’ll never have to
    pay more than $10.75 per month and the long-term returns are HUGE!

    Here’s my link:


    Products offered:

    Entry Ads - MultiSponder - MultiSponder Plus - Multi-Ad Tracker - Downline Mailer - URL Rotator - Income Search Tool - NPN Messenger (NEW) - NPN Chat (NEW) - Banner Rotator - More Income Section - Multi-Downline Builder

    Promotional Items:

    My NPN Links - My External Profile - RDS System - eCertificates - Buy Quality Traffic - Buy Quality MLM Leads - Leads Blaster - NPN Banners - The NPN Sponder - Email Solo/Ads - Ad Resources - Solo Ad

    Affiliate Programs that work

    1. IX Web Hosting - http://www.ixwebhosting.com/index.php/v2/pages.affiliates - This company has a High payout rate and the services are GOLD. The conversion rate is good and they pay on time without hassle.

    Words from the program:

    “IX Web Hosting is the home of the industry’s most lucrative affiliate program, offering commissions unmatched by our competitors. Our affiliate program was designed around a no-hassle, zero-risk approach, successfully maximizing the benefits to us, to you, and to those clients whom you refer to us. Simply stated, it is a Win/Win/Win situation!”

    2. Prank Place - http://www.prankplace.com/affiliates.htm - Prank Place is a great place to get joke material and gadgets. Everybody love’s a good laugh and you may find yourself buying items from this place yourself..

    Words from the program:

    Make money from your website or newsletter promoting the fun and whacky products at PrankPlace.com.
    Our affiliate program is based on a two tier payment system.
    We pay you 20% on ALL sales you generate.
    We pay you 5% for all sales that are generated from affiliates you refer who become PrankPlace affiliates.
    Cookies track your links for up to 30 days. If the visitor returns to our site within 30 days, you still earn the commission.

    3. Entire Web - http://www.entireweb.com/affiliate/ - Entire Web is a directory of many companies. But this directory is growing bigger everyday. Good conversions and payment on time you can’t go wrong promoting this company.

    Words from the program:

    Join Entireweb Affiliate Program Today!
    Start earning money today by promoting Entireweb’s
    highly popular products on your own website!

    Express Inclusion. Promote Entireweb’s fast page inclusion program and earn 20% commission on each sale.
    Site Inclusion. This service ensures that an entire site (up to 1000 pages) is included in Entireweb. At $499.00 US and with 20% commission, this means $100.00 US in commission for a single purchase!
    SpeedyAds.Earn 20% commission for each deposit of funds to a SpeedyAds pay-per-click advertising account.
    Newsletter Advertising. Priced from $150.00 and upwards. 20% Commission on each sale.
    Affiliate. Promote the affiliate system itself and earn a 2nd-tier commission of 10% of whatever commission your referred affiliates earn!

    4. Web Hosting Buzz - http://www.webhostingbuzz.com/idev/index.php - Another Web Hosting Site with GREAT pricing and a GREAT pay out rate. Good conversions again and several different plans to offer to your clients.

    Words from the program:

    Welcome To The Web Hosting Buzz Affiliate Program!

    Our program is free to join, it’s easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge. Affiliate programs are common throughout the Internet and offer website owners a means of profiting from their websites. Affiliates generate sales for commercial websites and in return receive a percentage of the value of those sales.

     How Does It Work?

    When you join the Web Hosting Buzz affiliate program, you will be supplied with a range of banners and textual links that you place within your site. When a user clicks on one of your links to Web Hosting Buzz, their activity will be tracked by our affiliate software. You will earn a commission based on your commission type.

     Real-Time Statistics And Reporting!

    Login 24 hours a day to check your sales, traffic, account balance and see how your banners are performing. You can even test conversion performance by creating your own custom links!

    Commission Type Pay-Per-Sale: 100% of all sales you deliver.
    Payout Threshold $100.00 USD - Minimum balance required for payout.
    Payout Duration Payments are made on the 1st of each month, for the previous month.

    5. 000webhost - http://www.000webhost.com/?id=24385 - I think this information can be useful for you. If you plan to get your website, here is one good free web hosting provider to choose - 000webhost.com

    Words from the program:

    They provide hosting absolutely free, there is no catch. You get 250 MB of disk space and 100 GB bandwidth. They also have cPanel control panel which is amazing. Moreover, there is no any kind of advertising on your pages.

    We have everything that you may need:
    Over 40 banners
    Our banners are eye catching with high clickthrough rate. Just copy/paste HTML code of banner and insert to your webpage - signups are guaranteed.
    Forum Finder tool

    We have found that the best converting traffic come from forums. Forum traffic has over 15% conversion rate and that means if you will refer 100 visitors to our website from forums - 15 will signup and it will earn $75 for you! So we have created this unique tool for you.

    Promotional Texts:

    We wrote you some ready-to-use texts for promoting our service. Just copy/pastethese texts to your website, blog, or post directly to any forum - signups are guaranteed!

    6. ZenZuu - Sign-Up URL: http://join.zenzuu.com/geronimorubio - The more people you have in your downline, the more potiential you have to making a lot more money. Think about it this way:

    1. It cost nothing to join, so you don’t lose anything by signing up. IT‘S FREE!.

    2. It is a “Social Network” like MySpace. If you spend anytime at all in MySpace, you might as well get paid for it, right.

    3. MySpace is making about $20 million a month in revenue off of all of you. Do they share any of it with you? Hell NO! This company will. They are going to share 80% of their ad revenue with everyone on ZenZuu. FREE SIGN UP AND FREE PROFIT SHARING!

    4. You can ad:





    *Affiliate Ad

    *Advertise your business

    *Creat you own GROUPS

    And you will get paid for it just by logging in 30 times a month. Log in 30 times in one day, a week or once a day for a month. It doesn’t matter, as long as you log in 30 times each month.

    These are 7 of the main programs I promote. Yes, Multiple Streams of income are good, just Don’t Over Do It or Burn Yourself Out. Start off slow and build your way up the ladder. Pretty soon you will be cranking out the money and living in the world of “Financial Freedom”.

    Although I can’t make anyone any guarantee that these programs will work for you as they do for me. With hard work and determination to succeed, anything is possible and you could surpass me in my success. To all of you I wish you only the best and may your story be a “Story of SUCCESS” to be told for generations to come.

    Peace and GOD speed.
    Geronimo Rubio
    Team Wolf Pack - Wolf Pack Marketing


    Now for the Articles:

    1. http://ezinearticles.com/?Article-Writing-And-List-Building—How-Do-They-Go-Together?&id=1191135

    2. http://ezinearticles.com/?Writing-An-Article—How-About-Getting-People-To-Read-It?&id=1188009

    3. http://ezinearticles.com/?10-Questions-To-Your-Success&id=1153410

    4. http://ezinearticles.com/?7-Highways-Of-Traffic-To-Your-Site&id=1138070

    5. http://ezinearticles.com/?Link-Baiting,-The-Good,-The-Pretty-Good-and-The-Unforgiving&id=1100789

    6. http://ezinearticles.com/?Video-Blogging—The-Good-And-Not-So-Good,-But-Worth-It&id=1106872

    7. http://ezinearticles.com/?Do-You-Need-A-Website-To-Do-Affiliate-Marketing?&id=1168493

    8. http://ezinearticles.com/?eBook-Writing,-My-Way&id=1100726

    9. My Videos - http://youtube.com/user/geronimorubio1

    10. My MySpace - http://www.myspace.com/geronimo_rubio

    Free Web Hosting


    This is a video From Geronimo Rubio, Mentor & Team Wolf Packs FREE Mentor Program.


    This video will help you learn how to embed keywords, descrptions and Titles into your video through Camtasia Studio software in order to gain traffic to your site, videos, services and products. This is a video From Team Wolf Packs FREE Mentor Program.

    How I found that failure is a necessary thing in your life to know what true success is. How I went from a 9 to 5 to a sucessful online business. Distributed by Tubemogul.

    We are Team Wolf Pack of Wolf Pack Marketing. We are looking for people to help us build a Successful Business. Are you ready to be SUCCESSFUL?


    A video on how I made a ebook free using Gmail Docs and a step by step lesson for you. http://geronimorubio.com Distributed by Geronimo Rubio - FREE Mentor Program/Mentor/Success Coach & Team Wolf Pack & Wolf Pack Marketing.

    Photo Story 3 Tutorial

    Posted by Geronimo | 8:30 PM

    "How to!!!" Make Videos (FREE) - Wolf Pack marketing
    Uploaded by geronimorubio1

    Photo Story 3 Tutorial
    Brought to you By: Geronimo Rubio / Mentor - Success Coach &
    Team Wolf Pack of Wolf Pack Marketing

    Hey everyone,
    Here is the tutorial in .PDF format I promised. So let's get started, shall we.

    Making video to tell people about yourself is one of the most fun and exciting ways I know of. It allows you to show you and your true personality. It ads a personal touch to any story that your telling or any product or service your promoting. It is a great way to also do "My Story Marketing". So let me show you how to do this for


    Step One: OK, we are going to need some FREE software to work with. Photo Story 3 from Microsft is a great tool for anyone or any Internet marketer. To get this program just go to http://www.download.com and type "Photo Story 3" in the search bar and click enter like I have showed you on the video I made. Download the software and install it onto your computer. Restart your system because it is recommended to do this after any installation.

    Step Two: Now we will need some photos to place into our video. I recommend going to http://www.veer.com - They have a big selection and you can search for the pictures just by typing the keyword in the search box and clicking enter. It is 100% FREE to sign up there and you can download the "COMP" (Where it says "Download Comp" like i explained in my video) version of the picture to use in your video. So these first two steps tell you where to get FREE software and FREE pictures to create your story.

    Now lets get started on making that video

    After installing the Software and Downloading your pictures, open up Photo Story 3 and you should see a window that looks like this:

    Step One:

    Highlight the button that says "Begin a new story and click "next"
    Step Two: This is where your going to import you pictures you have either downloaded or took your self and bring them into
    You Story soon to be told. Be sure to put them in the order your story will flow and you should also write a short script for your story as well. This is also the place you will be cropping the pictures of any black borders with the tool they provide you in Photo Story 3. You will see a picture like this:

    Click on "Import Pictures", select your pictures and click OK. You can also color correct, red-eye eliminate or rotate your pictures using the tools underneath each photo. Right below where it says Import Pictures you will see the tool to crop your photos. Go ahead and click on this and you will see the window that looks like this:

    The picture on the left is the "Original" and the one on the right is the "Cropped" Picture. This works with most photos but there is the case where some photos are "Odd Balls" and it won't work completely. Go through each of your photos and get them ready and when your done, click "Next to move on to the next step.
    Step Three: This is where you can add text to overlay on each picture as well as add some effects to your pictures. You should be looking at a window similar to this:

    Where is says <Type Text to add...> is where you can Title each photo with some capture text. To the left you can add some effects to each picture if you so choose. When you are done, click "next" to move on the the next step.
    Step Four: This is where you add your "Voice Over Audio" to tell your story. You should see a window like this:

    I hope you have you script ready or maybe you have it memorized like I sometimes do. You will add text to the area you see my text in order to "Record" your voice for each picture within your story. You will "Click" the record button to start, record your voice and then "click" stop when your done. You can click "Preview" to see how it came out and if you wish to re-record just "click" the button with the curled arrow, and it will erase the old recording and you can start new. This is also where you can create "Custom Motion" for each photo to add some "FLARE" to your story. Click "Customize Motion" below each picture to do this. You should see a window like this:

    To customize, just "click" the box labeled "Specify start..." and it will allow you to modify where the motion begins and ends. Below you can set the duration (Time) it will take to complete this motion as well. Next in the tab above the photo labeled "Transition", you can customize the transition that will happen between each photo as they show up in your story. When "clicking" on this tab you should see a window like this:

    You will be able to choose from a variety of different Transitions in this window. When you are done, "click" close and then next to proceed to the next step.
    Step Five: Now we are going to show you how to create a low playing music in the background. You can import your own music or use the music provided with the Photo Story 3 software, which by the way gives you lots of choices to choose from. You should see a window like this:

    You can add a piece of music to each picture or a music selection to span across your entire story. I recommend the latter. I will show you how to use the music provided with the software as it is instrumental, you have a lot of genres to chose from and it is easier in my opinion. To do this, "click" on the first picture in your story and then just "click" on create music... button. Another window pops up like this one:

    And here you will make your musical choice. You can preview the music before selection as well. I recommend "LOW Intensity" for better quality and background music. Next "click" ok and it will take you back to this window:

    I recommend for background music placing the volume where I have it set (About a quarter way between the first and second bar). You can preview the whole story here by "clicking" Preview and when your done, click "next" to continue on to the next step.
    Step Six: What do you want to do with your story? This is where you chose how you want to save your story, where you want to save your story, saving your project and the settings for this video. They are self explanatory and you should see a window that looks like this now:

    Choose how you want to save your video up top. Click "Browse" to select where you will save your video on your computer. Click "Settings" to select the settings for your video output. Click "Save Project" to save your project. Default is a .wmv file. Click "Next to save your "Video". Your DONE!
    I hope this has helped everyone out there and made it little easier on you to build your video collection in showing your family, friends, story and promoting your products and services.
    May every choice you make be a success story that continues on for generations to come. I only wish the best for you in your life. Peace and GOD speed

    Here is the PDF file I promised...TTYL, PEACE!

    http://geronimorubio.com/Photo Story 3 Tutorial.pdf

    Just click the link, go to file, save and whala...save it to your HD

    My Video Story - Team Wolf Pack
    Uploaded by geronimorubio1

    Hi everyone!

    Hello and welcome to My Personal Website

    My name is Geronimo Rubio

    and my team is "Team Wolf Pack"

    I am Apache (Ndee) and my wife is Cree from Canada. We are Native Americans building our future and at the same time keeping are culture alive through video at Native American Tube. We love our people and everyone and everything on Mother Earth as it should be. Respect for everything on Mother Earth is what we are about. Myself, I have been a graphic artist for 20+ years and have moved from job to job and so on. Mainly I worked in the Textile Industry (T-Shirts) and because of a burst of NEW companies fighting to get the job, a lot of companies went out of business. The company I am with now has slowed down a lot and I really needed to find something more instead of a 9 to 5 for the rest of my life just getting by, you all know what I am talking about here. I recently got married on Feb. 11th, 2006. I knew nothing about making money on the World Wide Web till my wife came into my life. She introduced me to this whole concept. And thats when my eyes were opened. Now I realize the potential there is on the web and the “Financial Freedom” you can gain. Through her persistence of wanting me to look into this new way of producing income so we could have a better life for both of us, I finally decided to find out what this was all about. I grew up in the San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles County . My father wasn't around for the most part of my life. My mom has been married 4 times and she is still single today. We were far from well off but we managed to make it just fine. I have been a Production Manager for a T-Shirt shop in Monrovia California for 4 years now. But I am looking to better myself because my wife deserves better than I am providing now. Although we do ok, I know that I can do better and I know that I have her support and help always. Me and my wife started a video site at “Magnify” to try to keep our culture alive and to help educate our children. Our site is Native American Tube and it has become a big site. Rank 4 page, lots of write ups about the site from News Channels, forums and many others. 17 weeks now and we have 400 regular members and over 100,000 visits. Our community is growing everyday and they are adding videos on a daily basis to help teach our youth and”Keep Our Culture Alive”. So stop by and visit me there. I recently meet some real good people on the internet who have brought me to

    Team Wolf Pack

    is a success group helping me understand my worth, always driving me in the right direction and watching over me as I progress closer and closer to...

    "Financial Freedom"

    They are people who will guide me step by step to being successful in every aspect of my new venture and future ventures.

    I am very excited

    because I now have goals set and intend to accomplish them, and I know I have their support.

    I am now Mentoring people who have that Success Mind and want to be shown through a Team Atmosphere on how to build a Online Business and gain the skills to be successful.

    Through hard work and the support of my wife and new friends I know that success is destine to happen. Our goal is to make sure that each and every member succeeds in life and business. We vow to not let each other fall if everyone does the work necessary to succeed. And we will continue through life to lift each others spirit when it needs a helping hand.

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    At the NPN they have an amazing URL redirector product that will build your
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    Here's my link:


    Team Wolf Pack

    Thanks, have fun!
    If this is you, and you are looking for someone to talk to, relate to or ask questions for more information, I am here to be your friend. One thing though, never quit. I know you can make it and so do you. Peace and GOD speed.
    Geronimo Rubio
    Proud Member and Marketing Consultant of Team Wolf Pack
    Wolf Pack Marketing
    Geronimo - Team Wolf Pack